Storage Tips

When you choose Countryside Storage, we want to make sure your items come out in the same condition they went in. Here are a few storage tips to help make sure you items stay in great shape inside the storage units.


  • Store items on a pallet or boards to avoid possible dampness from concrete floors.
  • Make sure all applicances (freezers, stoves, etc.) are all clean before storage.
  • Clean and treat all metal surfaces to prevent rust.
  • Fill empty spaces in boxes with bubblewrapped books or papers.
  • Use bubblewrap to protect dishes and glassware.
  • Do not stack furniture on top of each other to avoid them falling over.
  • Cover all uphostery to avoid dust.
  • Cover TVs and computer screens wit dust covers and bubblewrap.
  • Place items you plan on using in the front so they can easily be reached later on.
  • Label and inventory boxes so you know what is in each box if you need an item.
  • Use same size boxes so you can stack them with ease, with the heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Drain gas from all stored items with small engines.
If you have any other questions about our storage units, give us a call at 989-873-8888.  










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